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Cell Phone/Mobile Device Policy

Cell Phones and Mobile Devices The severe kinds of problems that we have faced through student use of cell phones and social media have caused us to develop a new cell phone policy beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. This policy will be in place prior to the first day of school for this year.

• Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school.

• If students carry phones, the phones should remain in lockers until the final bell rings at 2:55 pm.

• Cell phones that are out before 2:55 pm will be confiscated and held in the office for one week.

• A parent or guardian will have to come to the school (after the week is up) to pick up the phone. Phones can be picked up in the front office.

• Farristown teachers and staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen phones.

• Students have access to phones and other devices in each classroom if they should need to call parents.

Note: Students who choose to bring phones will want to use the locks for their lockers and NOT share the combination to the lock with other students.

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