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Supply List

School supplies for middle school depend on how the student wants to
be ORGANIZED for the year. The key is to have an organization plan of
some kind. ORGANIZATION is a big part of middle school. Some students
want one binder, and some want a binder for each class.  Once they
decide how to get organized, that determines what to purchase. Below
is a general list.

At SOAR Camp for 6th graders (Aug 10th at 8am) and
Back to School Night for 7th/8th graders (Aug 10th 6 p.m.), teachers may
request a few more specific items.

Two packs of pencils (can be mechanical)
Binder – one large or several smaller binders (6 classes total)
Spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper
Colored pencils 
Pens (blue or black) 
Ear buds/headphones – really need these at school each day
Materials for projects may be needed during the year.

We are looking forward to an incredible year at Farristown!!