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Compact Letter

September 2022


Dear Parents:

We believe that Farristown Middle School is a great place for young people to learn and grow. At FTMS, we stress
rigorous academics, regular attendance, and positive attitudes. Our staffulty is committed to the on-going academic
success of ALL students. We understand that in order to achieve these goals, the school staffulty, students and
parents must agree to work together collaboratively and communicate in meaningful and productive ways. A
number of wonderful programs are in place to help us succeed. For example, FTMS houses a Youth Service Center,
a school nurse, and other support staff. In addition, FTMS is a Title 1 participating school. This means that federal
funds are provided to the school to support the delivery of high quality curriculum and instruction (especially in
literacy/reading and math), and to encourage parental involvement that will enable our students to more fully meet
the proficiency goals of the federal and state governments, specifically the target goals of the Kentucky Summative
Assessment (KSA).

Throughout the upcoming school year, you will be invited to participate in various school related events and
activities—such as Open House, Parent-Teacher conferences and after-school events. We will also look for parent
input in the development of policies and procedures. We hope that you will take full advantage of every opportunity
to partner with us here at Farristown Middle School and to be involved in your child’s education and our schools
overall success.

Please sign below signifying your understanding of the Parent Involvement Policy and the School/Parent Compact.
To help us communicate with you more effectively, please include an email address and phone number at which you
can be reached when we have important school-related information to share with you. Please do not hesitate to
contact us whenever you have a question or a concern about your child’s experience here at Farristown Middle


Angie Alexander, FTMS Principal

Print Child’s first and last name:_______________________________________________
Child’s team name:_______________________ _________Grade____________________
I have received a copy of the Parent Involvement Compact Policy.
Parent Signature:________________________________________ Date_______________
Email Address: ___________________________________Phone #:__________________
I have received a copy of the School/Parent Compact.
Student Signature:________________________________________Date_____________
Parent Signature:_________________________________________Date_____________
1st period Teacher _______________________