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Farristown Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy

Farristown Middle School

Title 1 Initiative


Purpose: Farristown Middle School has adopted the following policy and plan in order to purposefully and meaningfully involve parents in the process of educating students. 


Annual Meeting: Each fall, FTMS shall host a beginning of school orientation and open house at a time that is convenient for parents, to which all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. At this meeting, parents will be informed of the school’s participation in a Title 1 School-Wide Program, the purpose and requirements of Title 1, and their right to be involved. In addition, parents will be given the opportunity to meet with building faculty and staff, to familiarize themselves and their students with the facility, and to gain information about programs and activities available through the school, i.e. school nurse, Your Service Center. 


On-Going Contact: Throughout the school year, Farristown Middle School shall involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner in the planning, review and improvement of Title 1 programs, including the joint development of the school parent involvement policy and the school-wide district plan. In addition, FTMS will maintain parent contact through regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences, special events and programs, etc. 


Parents shall be provided

  1. Timely information and opportunities to attend regular meetings.

  2. School performance profiles and their child’s individual assessment results, including and interpretation of results, as needed.

  3. A description of the school curriculum, types of assessments used to measure student progress, instructional practice, and proficiency levels.

  4. A timely response to any parent-initiated questions or suggestions.


Shared Responsibility for High Student Performance

Farristown Middle School has jointly developed with parents, for all students, a parent-school learning compact. 


Building Capacity for Improvement

Farristown Middle School shall build the capacity for strong parent involvement by

  1. Providing assistance to parents in understanding national, state and local goals, standards, and assessments; Title 1, Part A requirements; and how to monitor their child’s performance as well as information on how parents can participate in the education of their child.

  2. Educating all school staff on how to reach out, to communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners. 

  3. Involving parents, where appropriate, in development of training for teachers and other staff that improve instruction as well as decisions regarding budget, use of school space, and utilization of staff.

  4. Providing other assistance, as appropriate, such as parent resource centers where parents can learn about child development and rearing from birth, designed to help parents become full partners in the education of their child.

  5. Developing appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses and encouraging partnerships.

  6. Training and supporting parents to enhance involvement of other parents, where appropriate.

  7. Providing all parents with access to the school discipline code, homework policy and attendance policy.