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We are a Title 1 School - What does that mean?


We are a Title I school, which means we receive funding from the largest federally funded educational program known as Title I. This program provides supplemental funds to help us meet our students' educational goals. Title I funds are allocated from the federal government to states and then to school districts. School districts, in turn, identify eligible schools to receive these funds.
There are two types of Title I programs: Schoolwide Programs and Targeted Assistance Programs. Schoolwide Programs are for schools with 40% or more of their students from low-income families and can use Title I funds in combination with other funds to improve overall school programs. Targeted Assistance Programs are for schools with 35-39% of students from low-income families and focus on ensuring that these students meet Kentucky's achievement standards.
The goals of our Title I school include identifying student needs, improving classroom instruction, helping students master Kentucky Academic Standards, and increasing parent involvement. Title I funds are used for various purposes, such as improving curriculum, instructional activities, technology, additional staff salaries, professional development for staff, and fostering parent engagement.
We encourage family involvement through the School-Family compact, which outlines the goals and responsibilities of students, parents/families, and schools, and the Parent-Family Engagement Policy, which helps parents understand and participate in our school's efforts. We believe that we are 'Better Together' and welcome your participation in attending school events, visiting your child's classroom, volunteering, joining parent organizations, attending parent/teacher conferences, and staying in contact with your child's teacher through email, phone, or notes.